1st January 2019

I got up, excited about the new year! While brushing my teeth, a nucleus of a thought hit my mind. This is a new year all right, but what is new? I find myself doing the same chores I do every morning. All the celebrations, pomp and joy for what? This is just a new 365-day cycle in repetition. But what changed is the understanding of how we see the surroundings.

With every passing year we learn new things, we get to understand a lot more of the situations, and we also grow mentally strong and mature. This perspective opens a new dimension to how we understand the concept of living. Looking back to the past year, a self-realisation hits hard. All the slipups, misconceptions, misunderstandings come to light, making it clear that these little things in life are here to stay. Our job is to overcome them one by one and learn from the past. That is what makes us more complete.

With every passing year, we grow a year old, adding up a chapter of self-improvement and personal and physical enhancements. New resolutions are made, some are followed, some are not! but then again, what is followed, is the quest to improve, the willingness to handle new responsibilities.

With every passing year, the Earth completes a revolution around the Sun. Over the year, there is a phase where the Earth is near the Sun (the summer) and takes on the heat, this phase describes the phase where we overcome the heat of our lives, the hard to overcome situations. This is the phase which gives us the immunity to problems of the game of life!

Then, comes the phase, just before the midway of the half orbit, the rains! The season of thoughts. Sitting at home with a hot cup of coffee and fritters, it is the time to make further choices. Some may prove out to be fruitful, while some may not. Just after the rains, spring comes with the results of the choices and we see the blossom!

Winter again brings up a new set of obstacles, cold but temporary, these need to be dealt with warmth. These too dry out and wear off in due course of time in the autumn, leaving some new teachings and important wisdom to take on the approaching year and comprehend its experiences

Optimistic in me, dreams for a better tomorrow

“Let 2019 be the harbinger of the best of the best we desire”


Life as we know it is a collection of our daily chores, our environment, our actions and pretty much everything happening around us. These events together give a meaning to our existence. We are celestial organs destined to perform the errands we have been doing all these years of our existence to evolve. We have a natural quest to discover things which helps us to blend and adapt to our current environmental situations.

Humanity’s quest for discoveries has been so far outstretched that it is in a constant search of other life forms in the universe.

Is humanity so lonely that it has to search for other otherworldly life forms to communicate with?

With so many glitches on Earth, is it not fair that the genius minds of the planet should devote a percentage of their wits for the goodwill of their own species?

Somewhere in midlands there are endless wars, mutinies and conflicts which go unnoticed or are left to be controlled by some self-made drivel intellectuals who screw up the majority of the scenarios and the results lead to shattering events.

With all the contamination on the planet and the majority of the human race turning a blind eye is leading to the rise in environmental temperatures. The lifelines of humanity is being destroyed by humanity itself and the foolishness of the homo-sapiens may harm their own race in the distant future.

The quest for power has left humankind in a juncture where most of the well-wishers are pushed back into the crowd while the “self-made drivel intellectual” tries a hand at controlling his own group of individuals to lead to a certain inconceivable future without the life-lines of humanity.

The true connotation of humanity is the different existing species on the planet to stay together, fight against all odds for the goodwill of the own race and to style the world in such a way that there is harmony in all parts of the ecosphere.

“Humanity is not just a word. It expresses the true potential of the human beings of what they can do if left mentally free and physically fit. “ – Diptark


After all, in this entire widespread biosphere, emotions have taken a break on most of the working machines (yep, that’s us). So has become our conduct that we tend to argue in even the smallest of the conceptions and mismatch of considerations. It seems we are losing control on our own thoughts and souls! Emotion has just become a simple word with a dictionary meaning of “a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.” for us.

Somewhere in the beautiful creation of flora and fauna, a bunch of lunatics with arms and ammunitions is beheading people, bombing cities, terrorizing countries and god knows what not! WHY? Some would say that these creatures have their ideologies and follow them to satisfy their respective minds. I say that this the same case of “minds controlling the emotions”.

Let emotions be free and warm, play them out freely and let them control your minds. Its good to be guileless and frank.

It takes just 2 minutes of thoughtful thinking to bring back the sentiments on pathway of peace. But it seems like 2 minutes is too expensive to ask from someone!

Let’s look at the meaning of the simple yet intricate word again



noun: emotion; plural noun: emotions

  1. a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.
  2. instinctive or intuitive feeling as distinguished from reasoning or knowledge.

Coming to “Relationships” now. Is it a word just for togetherness? or a stunning word which defines the amazing feeling of someone being so close, that all the emotions present in the small human body of ours burst out like some party animal left open in a crazy ass music festival! That closeness is what defines the genuine spirit of peace, love, harmony and a perfect mix of emotions. That closeness is what defines the connection of all the beating hearts around us.

Some relationships are meant to be kept, forever. These play a very important role in keeping your ideologies of emotions fresh, unbroken and blooming. Something is not working out with someone? let your emotions out, and let the emotions do the work for you. Be upfront and tell the problem, stand ready to face the consequences for the good will come following it.

Emotions do not originate from certain logic or reasoning. These are just like a disordered pack of cards ready to be unleashed to the players! All unpredictable and adventurous! Emotions just find the perfect soul hitting beat and enjoy it to the full capacity!

Emotions are too complex to be defined by some collection of words, these need to be felt, absorbed and embraced with a promise of never letting go! It’s certainly time we get our priorities right and get to the path of exploding good vibes of sharing feisty friendships, relationships, emotions to the people around us.

Sit back, relax, close your eyes and think of some good beats and tunes and let your emotions take a toll on you! Feel your mind as it goes on a break and relax your body. Unlock your soul to unlock your emotions!

All it takes is just two minutes!

Don’t just be you, be the gorgeous soul inside you!


Vibes, throwbacks, hash tags, good times ,…..Are not these words so to say trending these days? And with that the holiday season..children off school…a general good feeling for another year draws to a close…and people are free. And what do free people do?They all get “f”ed up .no not what you are thinking. I’m referring to the the great blue “F” word on all our home screens.  Facebook. And those posts on the “F….” app.Let us take the liberty of analysing some typical “f”posts.  In a mall, celebrating Christmas(when you are actually celebrating the shopping),or a post with the your facial features highlighted in a photo clicked in a fit of self appreciation and uploaded with a post showing acute onset “inteluactuality”. But this is the “F” ed up intellectuality, and god knows how people come up with those lines..”stand alone and tall” ,”hold your fort” or something to do with comparing an element of nature and ones personality..i mean are we so “f” ed up that we can do that? We probably are.


But the story does not end here, it just begins. So the other people on Facebook will tell you you they just checked into a movie theatre, all right accepted, others check into a hotel/restaurant, all right accepted, others into a garden, accepted ,others into a temple,  a train, a shop and what next the bazaar, the sabzi mandi, the sulabh sauchalya…what’s that stink? No not the sulabh shauchalya but of this behaviour? I mean what do you want to tell your “f” friends..That you are doing your household chores, buying vegetables and passing them out in the sulabh shauchalya..Is not this enough reason to pass out (literally) from this kind of attitude

Well, now make way for those who think themselves to be the intelligentsia of social media (am I becoming one of those?).More likely to locate these guys on instagram but since we are considering the “f”ed up guys today..these are people who put photographs of …well… bright flowers, the deep blue sky, a lonely bird, the shadow of a solitary tree .People, the only thing solitary right now is your “art” (for want of a better word) cause it is miles away from anything artistic, it is a sad reminder of your behaviour that has landed you in this lonely position..Get a life ( I desperately need one myself)

And last but not the least these people are the ones who are actually socialising …the number guys , who tag a million other people in their posts..”this and 26 others” you are tagging a whole crowd? Are these all your friends? (Learn something..The intelligentsia) why so many people? it is irritating beyond measure when you are tagged in such a post. But who are we to judge? They are fulfilling the true role of social media and the cup is running over with people or plain foolishness …we don’t get to decide

And to end it up are the silent stalkers, the overburdened with life, clockwork mice ,checking the “f” posts every night and they are always there ,omnipotent, a silent force behind all the likes, the strength of” following” numbers , they see it all ,take it all in, they  judge you all  but never show up. The first three categories can learn a lot from these guys.

And I take it from the “intellectuals of facebook” as I send you all a snapshot of my views and hope they stand tall as you all subject it to your scrutiny.

PS no intentions to hurt, disgrace or insult anyone/any organisation /app. Just personal views